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Kerberos & Attacks 101

Want to understand how Kerberos works? Would you like to understand modern Kerberos attacks? If so, then join Tim Medin as he walks you through how to attack Kerberos with ticket attacks and Kerberoasting. Well cover the basics of Kerberos authentication and then show you how the trust model can be exploited for persistence, pivoting, and privilege escalation.

Offensive WMI

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the infrastructure for management data and operations on Windows-based operating systems. That couldnt sound more boring. WMI is great for monitoring, but it is also fantastic for offense. WMI can be used for lateral movement. It can also be used for file-less persistence. In this webcast, Tim Medin will discuss the fun that is WMI and how you can use it to have a more effective offense.

Hacking without Domain Admin

Tim Medin and Mike Saunders will show you tools and techniques to find vulnerabilities and demonstrate risk, without using Domain Administrator (DA) access. DA access is the goal for many penetration tests and red teams, but it is misguided. DA is a tool, not a destination. Sometimes, a penetration tester or red team will be unable to obtain this access, but it does not mean that the test is without value.

Assumption of a Breach: How a new notion can help protect your enterprise

Security teams should not operate under the assumption that a breach will happen, but when. The fresh twist on penetration testing puts an attacker (good guy/gal) on your systems running under the context of an authorized user. The goal is to simulate a compromised system or a rogue trusted insider. The goals of the test should be focused on the business risk and how insecurities, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations can impact the data and processes vital to the organization. Goals are business focus, not domain admin focused.

Enterprise Discovery: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

One of the keys to a proper vulnerability management program is an accurate and complete inventory of the hardware and software using in the environment. Those two items are #1 and #2 in the CIS 20 Critical Controls. In this webinar well discuss ways you can find the hardware you may have forgotten was there, was never taken offline, or was added with permission, or was setup temporarily.

Head Hacking

We all want to be better at what we do. We all want to focus on things in our careers that are the most fun. Unfortunately, we often prioritize useless activities over the fun or important ones. We want more time to hack, more time to learn, and more time for family and friend; but there we only have so many hours per day. In this talk you will learn how to be more efficient, and save time for both yourself and those around you. Hack your head and schedule to a more productive, efficient, and fun life.


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