We are excited to bring you this brand new SiegeCast in a fresh new format!  On August 24th at 3pm Eastern the new SiegeCast from  Security Consultant Jason Downey will be live on multiple streaming platforms. We want you to be able to watch your next SiegeCast on whatever platform you prefer! We will be going live on Youtube, Linkedin and our just announced Twitch! Click one of the links below to join our channels!

SiegeCast: “The Way of the Spray”

August 24th, 3pm Eastern

In a world where the security landscape is ever changing, weak passwords and an attackers ability to leverage that weakness is the gift that keeps on giving. In this talk Jason goes over password spraying tools, techniques, and tips, that every pentester should have in their arsenal

The presenter will still be utilizing our Discord as the main point of focus for comments, questions and all links provided. The moderator will be monitoring all other platforms for communication.

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